Three Guitars I Still Have Yet to Own

Watching a rerun of Wilco on Austin City Limits I got to see a very pretty Gibson 339 that Tweedy was playing. I longed for my Epiphone that I sold in some down moment. “Never sell a guitar.”

Picture 17
Gibson 339

I don’t know why I thought this would be an interesting post. But these are pretty focused guitars. And since I ain’t buying diddly squat during these low times I guess I figured that window shopping at Musician’s friend would be fun.

Here’s a long running desire. A Paul Reed Smith. The most balanced guitar made.

Picture 14
PRS - Paul Reed Smith

And finally the truly hybrid guitar by Godin. This one looks like a futuristic classical guitar but underneath are some electronics that translate guitar sounds into synthesizer sounds.

Picture 16
Godin hybrid Multiac.

And so with that I will confess to having 3 of the most wonderful guitars ever made.

  • A ’72 Les Paul Standard.
  • A mid-90’s American Standard Stratocaster (clear maple finish).
  • A Taylor 614 CE Acoustic.

I am still working up to the Taylor, and I assume I will be for the rest of my playin days.

Happy Dog Days of Summer Y’all.


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