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lyrics: if i’m down: the mind reels

if i’m down (for a friend)

i don’t know where to go
i don’t know who to turn to
all those that i love
are to close to see

if i call on you
would you know what to say
and if i lost everything
would i be willing to to stay

if i’m down
oh once again
if i let you know
will you stay
here my friend

i need comfort and joy
but i can’t seem to find
any light in the day
any day light in mind

if we called it a day
sat together for a while
without something to say
just let it ride

if i know you
if i don’t know
if i lose you
then i won’t know
anything – anything
at all


Secret “first pass” at this song (songwriting in progress)

Higher Than Anyone – songwriting in progress

This video features the famous Buzzie Reutimann. If you Google “buzzie” these days this race car driver and weekend motor gladiator comes up a lot. In my sincerest homage to my name sake and hero, Buzzie. Here is an unfinished song called, “Higher Than Anyone.”

Watch directly on YouTube: Higher Than Anyone by Buzzie

Peace Off!

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Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

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