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The Beginning of a New Digital Era: Buzzie’s V-Drum Unboxing

It wasn’t hard. And I had some help from Scrambles. Here is the outta-da-box experience with my new Roland V-Drums.

That all looks pretty serious. Like a drum kit.


All racked up with no where to go.


Had to go with the Iron Cobra.


Even the box had instructions.


Da Brain. Where all the sounds and midi comes from.


The pedal to nowhere. It’s virtual baby!


Even the box is pretty.


As close as V gets to real drum sounds.


Wiring up the brain. A little help from my furry friend.


Rockin da House Kit.


All set. All I need is a drummer. And a bit more cowbell, of course!


What A Pair: The New Horizon for Buzzie

Two Guitars and a divorce calendar

Well, the next Buzzie disc is likely to be finished right here. That’s my Taylor and my Atlantic Records purchased Washburn (SXSW #1 baby!). And the calendar of my divorce schedule with the kids. I’m just coming off three weekends in a row. And a final send off at the beach the week before school starts again.

The music is flowing. The muses are showing up in many different guises.