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lyrics: the mind reels: days ahead

days ahead

if i miss you
if we miss
let’s reset
find a center
where we can rejoin

and if i lose you
then i lose
we lose the best
the best we’ve ever had

i won’t ever drop your hand
the days we have ahead
are not enough
to tell you
how much i love you
not enough days
not enough
days ahead

if i don’t listen
if i misconstrue
please take a moment
to breathe with me

if i take for granted
and you feel you’re lost
under appreciated
hold up a sec
if we fall to silence
and words don’t measure up
please just stop and ask
so it’ll be okay

i won’t get – enough time
in all my days
to hold your loving face
to kiss your loving lips
to love you as much as i want to


lyrics: we take chances: the mind reels

we take chances – we walk alone
looking for love
we can look forever – without finding
something real

we think we know what we need
we think we’ll figure it out

but i’m here baby, by no chance
baby i’m here by design
designs i’ve been dreaming up
all of my life – all my life

we think we know what we need
we think we’ll figure it out
someone taking chances
someone loving you
someone longing for one thing
and you might be it

we take chances, we bet everything
even when we lose
we might want forever
what we no longer
believe is there

we lose our chances
and are afraid to try
as we close down
but you’ve found the key
to the equation of me
and we’re on our way

big love – more than i’ve known
big life – standing besides you
big love – is all we asked for (all we wanted)
big life – to never go away


lyrics: here she is: the mind reels

here she is
a conductor for your symphony
a passion to your anarchy
a breakdown in your melody
a hurricane of ecstasy

here she is
and your world’s turning upside down
for your fears to go underground
there’s nothing left to hold us down
with a breath of her I’ll never drown

she’s around me now – she’s around
she surrounds me now that she’s around
she’s around me now – she’s in my mind (she’s all I see, she’s in my head)
she surrounds me now – she surrounds

where do we go – when something real
opens the flame – pours on the feel
what do we fear – are we letting go?
how far the love – how will we know?

here she is
while she’s dancing next to me
we lose ourselves in energy
to surrender what we used to be
a broken man I’ll never be

john mcelhenney ©2016 all rights reserved
(ascap) happy mac tunes

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