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Buzzie’s “The Same Thing” from the El Ray Theater in Los Angels CA

With the encouragement of two dear friends, I have begun processing some of the video from the El Ray show, oh, a few years back. This is the first instalment. The sound is about a 6 out of 10. It was shot on the tiniest video cam I ever saw. Just a fan. He contacted me after the show and offered to send it to me from JAPAN. He did.

This is a gift back to David Bash who has been so awesome to invite Buzzie back to IPO again and again.

Here is the 2nd song in the IPO installment, “I want to know you”:

Buzzie: “I Want to Know You” Live at the El Ray from John McElhenney on Vimeo.

I wanna know you: BUZZIE from John McElhenney on Vimeo.

And also to my blip.fm friends @ladypn and @adamofdallas.

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