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Buzzie’s “The Same Thing” from the El Ray Theater in Los Angels CA

With the encouragement of two dear friends, I have begun processing some of the video from the El Ray show, oh, a few years back. This is the first instalment. The sound is about a 6 out of 10. It was shot on the tiniest video cam I ever saw. Just a fan. He contacted me after the show and offered to send it to me from JAPAN. He did.

This is a gift back to David Bash who has been so awesome to invite Buzzie back to IPO again and again.

Here is the 2nd song in the IPO installment, “I want to know you”:

Buzzie: “I Want to Know You” Live at the El Ray from John McElhenney on Vimeo.

I wanna know you: BUZZIE from John McElhenney on Vimeo.

And also to my blip.fm friends @ladypn and @adamofdallas.

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Buzzie LOVES Robbie Rist: Mockers, Buzzie, Andersons, and Little JOHN

Robbie Rist, Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch - goin to the dog house

A huge shout to my brother in guitars, Robbie Rist or as we’ve known him all these years, my cousin Oliver.

The MOCKERS do Highway Star in Madrid! (Watch the man rock!)

The MOCKERS Dejame! (from the movie The Fiesta)


The Mockers discography!

And to the my bandmates in 2009’s IPO Festival at the Orange County Fair Grounds – THE ANDERSONS

Robbie Rist – solo

Robbie on TV

Big John Little John

Robbie in Revenge of the Nerds PILOT

No Robbie, but how the meme grew and shrunk, here’s a Space: 1999 episode of Big John Little John

Cousin Oliver on the BRADY BUNCH – “Never trust anyone over 12!”

Robbie Rist gives information about doing voice over talent.

Nothing to do with Robbie Rist – the Simpson’s Voice Over actors without their cartoon on.

All of my love man, and until we play together again… In AUSTIN, oh, say SXSW 010 baby!

robbie rist and the andersons - she's probably with him right now

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Together it has been my pleasure to light up the amps and guitars with Robbie Rist no fewer than THREE times as BUZZIE. Here is the most recent collaboration as Buzzie at the International Pop Overthrow in Orange County this Summer, 2009.

  • Just Another Day (Video of IPO 2009 with a new demo song over the top)
  • She’s Gone (the raw footage is also on YouTube for your enjoyment)

More BUZZIE IPO 2009 Live Pics – from Jan at Psychedelic Central

Here’s the link to the Buzzie Pics on Jan’s Psych Central Myspace page where she’s got pics of tons of great musicians. I have put up screenshots of the photos here for ease of use. If you want to print or purchase (heh heh) one please connect with Jan via MySpace. And JAN, thank you very much for these!

David Bash introduces John McElhenney of Buzzie
David Bash introduces John McElhenney of Buzzie
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, Marc Joseph, John McElhenney, Derrick Anderson
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, Marc Joseph, John McElhenney, Derrick Anderson
John McElhenney of Buzzie
John McElhenney of Buzzie
Picture 48
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney, Marc Joseph
John McElhenny of Buzzie
John McElhenny of Buzzie
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney

Thank again to Jen from Psychedelic Central for these lasting shots!

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Don’t miss the two Buzzie videos on YouTube and other services:

  • Just Another Day (Video of IPO 2009 with a new demo song over the top)
  • She’s Gone (the raw footage is also on YouTube for your enjoyment)

Preppin for the Summer of 09 “Tour”: Makin Set Lists, Stringin Guitars, Blisters On My Fingers

It’s officially June and Buzzie’s CA gig is on July 26th. Plenty of time to get ready. But something is resisting.

Today I worked the set list for the show. [Still confirming with Robbie Rist about assembling a snap-crackle-pop band for the show.] It will be fun to do a rockin song from the 2nd Blue Cartoon CD, “Only Me, Only You.” I haven’t played that song since I left the band. wOOt! And another song that Blue Cartoon played for a while but never made it on to a CD, “If There’s Time.”

Much work to do.

Plane tickets seemed quite cheap last time I checked. Probably time to make the reservations. The hotel is actually going to be the big cost. I won’t really need to rent a car if I stay at the Orchid Suites. But I might need one, since my show is in Orange County.

I’ve got an old band mate and best friend out there, but not sure if I want to sleep over and then rent a car. They’ve got twin girls, probably in the 3ish range. And from my buddy’s response, they’re a bit overwhelmed. I asked him to sit in on a song or two. And he didn’t have the time. Oh well. Probably better to leave them be and do the Orchid. And get a car for the morning of the Orange County show. Just thinking things through. You can hear some songs from my pre-Blue Cartoon-era with John Bergquist in a band called Felix Culpa.

And then there’s the question of how long to stay. Each night equivalent to another plane ticket. Jeesh!

But the news is: I’M GOING. And today I decided to take the Les Paul rather than the Strat. Less opportunities to mess with the tone on the Strat. I’ve been know to whack the pickup selector in a strumming frenzy and then have a hard time finding the stroke to flip it back. And since I’ll be doin a backline amp, the last thing I need is to be tweaky with my tone. So set the Les Paul and leave it. Three tones. All tone and volume knobs UP, all the way UP. Down = bright, Middle = full, Up = Heavy.

Set it and forget it. In practicing today I was messing around with the Strat and it came to me, “I don’t even want to think about it.” One less thing to worry about.

Now I just need a band and a place to stay. And I’m already “in waitin” for it. Power Pop Mecca.

It’s a brilliant summer already. “Time Stand Still!”

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Buzzie – On the Inside (4 song EP) Nears June Release


1. Buzzie – On the Inside (4 song EP) is getting close. The track are as follows:

  1. Why She Appears
  2. She Comes and Goes
  3. She Said (Beatles cover)
  4. Not Alone (remixed with the Martian Dust Devils)

The first two tracks were about 90% competed for Are You Feeling Anything Yet? but had to be dropped for lack to budget. So on these tracks the old Buzzie II crew is in tact. Cotton Mather originals Dana Myzer and Wit Williams, 20/20’s Ron Flynt on bass and producer, and additional stand outs Scrappy Judd Newcomb, John Notter Thomas, Michael Ramos, Mark Hallman. The 3rd track was originally planned for a Beatle’s compilation disc that never happened. And the final track is again from Are You Feeling Anything Yet? that was remixed from the original files by the Martin Dust Devils team.

This EP should be available before the end of June. The final touches are being added now.

The cover’s Buzzie depiction was created by a 17 year-old photoshop enthusiast from Finland. [Where is Finland again?]

Stay well tuned,

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Who I Want To Be When I Rock Out – A Buzzie Vision of Dark Pop Influences

So I have tried, or wanted to try to sound like Collective Soul my entire solo career. Probably the closest I’ve ever come was in my early band Felix Culpa.

Since Blue Cartoon I have wanted to ROCK! But somehow I keep TWANGin. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just what happens when it comes together on record.

I would like to hip you to a couple of bands I have been grooving out to, and longing to sound like, but probably won’t.

  • Silversun Pickups – Catch and Release
  • Nada Surf – The Voices
  • Ken Andrews – Alergic (an in the studio look on YouTube)
  • Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost (on YouTube)
  • Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (on YouTube)
  • Minus the Bear – Studio Promo (YouTube)
  • Future Clouds and Radar – The Epcot View (Robert Harrison was the primary song writer for Cotton Mather)
  • Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
  • Sunny Day Real Estate – Television (an acoustic session on YouTube)

I think these bands and songs sort of typify the term “darker side of pop” that I use in conjunction with Buzzie. Cause I’m Pop and I’m Rock and I’m Americana and … And I want to ROCK darker!

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You might be able to find most of these on my Blip.fm playlist.

Buzzie Loves the Masticators: Robbie Rist, Severo, Lisa Mychols and P McGrath

The Masticators doing Radio Police
The Masticators doing Radio Police

In 2000 the Masticators backed Buzzie at IPO. What a gang. Here’s their trip fantastic with cameos from many IPO celebrities. At least in our own minds. Radio Police by the Masticators

And one more hit by Lisa Mychols doing, “Gonna Get That Boy.”

@jmacofearth (aka buzzie)
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It’s Official: Buzzie Playing International Pop Overthrow LA – July 26, 2009

Buzzie wishes to thank David Bash for giving us another prime spot on his IPO Tour. Buzzie will be playing the Orange County Fair 2009 on Sunday afternoon, July 26th at 12:30 SHARP!

Orange Country Fair - 2009
Orange Country Fair - 2009

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