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Buzzie LOVES Robbie Rist: Mockers, Buzzie, Andersons, and Little JOHN

Robbie Rist, Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch - goin to the dog house

A huge shout to my brother in guitars, Robbie Rist or as we’ve known him all these years, my cousin Oliver.

The MOCKERS do Highway Star in Madrid! (Watch the man rock!)

The MOCKERS Dejame! (from the movie The Fiesta)


The Mockers discography!

And to the my bandmates in 2009’s IPO Festival at the Orange County Fair Grounds – THE ANDERSONS

Robbie Rist – solo

Robbie on TV

Big John Little John

Robbie in Revenge of the Nerds PILOT

No Robbie, but how the meme grew and shrunk, here’s a Space: 1999 episode of Big John Little John

Cousin Oliver on the BRADY BUNCH – “Never trust anyone over 12!”

Robbie Rist gives information about doing voice over talent.

Nothing to do with Robbie Rist – the Simpson’s Voice Over actors without their cartoon on.

All of my love man, and until we play together again… In AUSTIN, oh, say SXSW 010 baby!

robbie rist and the andersons - she's probably with him right now

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Together it has been my pleasure to light up the amps and guitars with Robbie Rist no fewer than THREE times as BUZZIE. Here is the most recent collaboration as Buzzie at the International Pop Overthrow in Orange County this Summer, 2009.

  • Just Another Day (Video of IPO 2009 with a new demo song over the top)
  • She’s Gone (the raw footage is also on YouTube for your enjoyment)

More BUZZIE IPO 2009 Live Pics – from Jan at Psychedelic Central

Here’s the link to the Buzzie Pics on Jan’s Psych Central Myspace page where she’s got pics of tons of great musicians. I have put up screenshots of the photos here for ease of use. If you want to print or purchase (heh heh) one please connect with Jan via MySpace. And JAN, thank you very much for these!

David Bash introduces John McElhenney of Buzzie
David Bash introduces John McElhenney of Buzzie
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, Marc Joseph, John McElhenney, Derrick Anderson
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, Marc Joseph, John McElhenney, Derrick Anderson
John McElhenney of Buzzie
John McElhenney of Buzzie
Picture 48
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney, Marc Joseph
John McElhenny of Buzzie
John McElhenny of Buzzie
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney
Buzzie: Robbie Rist, John McElhenney

Thank again to Jen from Psychedelic Central for these lasting shots!

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Don’t miss the two Buzzie videos on YouTube and other services:

  • Just Another Day (Video of IPO 2009 with a new demo song over the top)
  • She’s Gone (the raw footage is also on YouTube for your enjoyment)

Just Another Day – (Video from Buzzie’s IPO show)

My son Jason shot some video of our show at the Orange County Fair. He wasn’t so focused on the show but was making some great comments along the way. I don’t know if he was going for an art piece, but he sure got one. This was shot on a Flip video camera and edited with iMovie. Click on the image below to watch the video on YouTube.

Picture 2

The Buzzie musicians are:
John McElhenney: vocals and guitar
Robbie Rist: guitar and vocals
Derrick Anderson: bass
Marc Joseph: drums

The song “Just Another Day” was written and performed by John McElhenney.
©2009 All Rights Reserved, Happy Mac Tunes (ascap).

Many thanks to David Bash and the entire staff of International Pop Overthrow.

The video is also available on


The photostream is also available on Flickr.

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And now by popular request is the raw footage of She’s Gone, the song behind the video, un-edited and narrated by Jason.


Buzzie’s 3rd Full-Length Will Be Sans Bass and Drums – Due Mid-July 09

buzzie-admitting there's a problem - july 09
buzzie-admitting there's a problem - july 09

The tracks are set and the polish and re-recording has begun on “Admitting There’s a Problem,” Buzzie’s 3rd full-length CD.

A quick screenshot of the liner notes shed a bit of light on the new title and the content of the songs within.

buzzie-admitting liner notes
buzzie-admitting liner notes

So the track listing as it stands today is:

  1. A Good Day
  2. Let Me Be The Way
  3. If I Go Away
  4. I Was Wrong
  5. Just Another Day
  6. Disappear
  7. We Drift Away
  8. Heavenly
  9. The Hurt You Keep
  10. She Wants to Be Free
  11. I Walk Away
  12. We Are One

And the songs are said to be built around an Elliot Smith and Mark Kozeleck/Sun Kil Moon strategy. Plenty of guitars, harmonies and production but no bass or drums.

Asked about this approach, McElhenney responded. “The song Disappear represents a pivotal moment in my life. There’s a rock record coming, but I felt I had to present the context around that one song. The single vocal and guitar version was recorded in one pass, as a scratch track, and it actually captured the song perfectly. Even the mistake is as it should be.”

“I’ve got a total rocker song heading into the next record, but I’m still trying to figure out what it is about. Currently titled ‘Sleeping Bag’ this track sets the pace for the rock record. But I’ve got to finish that song first. And I can’t wait to get ‘Higher Than Anyone’ done in full band fashion.” (You can hear Sleeping Bag on Buzzie’s ReverbNation page.

“But now I’ve got to focus on the IPO show in July. I haven’t played live in a while. I did finally restring my guitars a few weeks ago, but I can say I have a long way to go before I have the fingers for a full set.”

“I’m just so stoked to be back in the process, back in the studio. And I’m really ready to be back on stage in California!”

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You can get more Buzzie at the following sites:

Buzzie’s ReverbNation page

Buzzie’s Official Download page

Felix Culpa‘s download page

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Please partake and enjoy and share!