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A Great Big Day for Buzzie

recording drums today, for Buzzie #4

(image is of iPad as control surface using Digital Performer, cool huh?)

Yesterday I bought my first drumkit. It’s the least satisfying thousand bucks I’ve ever spent, partially because I don’t play drums, and partially because I kinda dread setting them up… but…

I now have drums!

So today I’m recording drums with my old buddy from Blue Cartoon, Barry Simon. And a couple things I won’t have to worry about today.

  1. Mics for real drums
  2. Getting good drum sounds
  3. A drummer with an attitude

I picked up a set of Roland’s V-Drums, and man have they come a long way! Now I can record Barry’s performance in both sounds and midi. Then if I want to “collective soul up” my song I can simply replace the “wilco-trapkit” with the “heavier-things-kit.” Viola!

buzzie in the studio with Barry Simon

Barry can even run the recording session with the iPad.

Let me know if you want to hear some daylies. (grin)


The Beginning of a New Digital Era: Buzzie’s V-Drum Unboxing

It wasn’t hard. And I had some help from Scrambles. Here is the outta-da-box experience with my new Roland V-Drums.

That all looks pretty serious. Like a drum kit.


All racked up with no where to go.


Had to go with the Iron Cobra.


Even the box had instructions.


Da Brain. Where all the sounds and midi comes from.


The pedal to nowhere. It’s virtual baby!


Even the box is pretty.


As close as V gets to real drum sounds.


Wiring up the brain. A little help from my furry friend.


Rockin da House Kit.


All set. All I need is a drummer. And a bit more cowbell, of course!