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Buzzie to be Included on 2012 Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records, Germany

UPDATE 2-6-12: I got the contract for the Radiohead Tribute CD today. Buzzie is IN. wOOt!

While the ink is not on the paper yet, intentions have been set to include Buzzie’s Last Flowers on an upcoming Radiohead tribute record from ESC Records in Frankfurt, Germany.

I don’t know if it will be available in the US yet, but I’m sure I can get some copies. I’m excited to see who else will be on the CD.

Pretty good terms. Inside Voice: I wonder if they will pay Radiohead’s publisher for copyrights. I’m sure they will. I wonder if I need to pay here in the US? (nod) Yes, I do.


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New Radiohead Video: Last Flowers (cover) by Buzzie

So putting music on YouTube is like, part of the global plan for everyone. Fans make videos to their favorite songs, people post complete tracks with the album cover as the entire show. So, how do we get our music up to YouTube without being really boring?

This song Last Flowers (on the way to the hospital) was an unfinished Radiohead song from The Bends era. It showed up on the In Rainbows (bonus tracks). It kicked my ass and I called Ron and asked if he would help me. The entire thing was done in a matter of hours in Ron’s studio. I retracked the vocals in the living room of my house, in the closing days of my marriage. Not to be dramatic, but this song sort of captures the whole thing for me.

Watch directly on YouTube: Last Flowers (radiohead) by Buzzie  © 2012 Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP)

My dear friend and music producer Ron Flynt held down all the instrument duties and let me focus on the non-autotuned vocal. It’s in the push and effort that the soul of the music is discovered. This is raw and unpolished for a reason.

And if that weren’t cool enough, I got this email last week from ESC, a German label that is putting a Radiohead Compilation together:


Germany's ESC asks for the Buzzie version of Last Flowers for May Release
click to see larger version

Rock on!


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