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Cooling My Jets – New Buzzie Album


*cover image by laura ruggeri

Yep, today is my birthday. (Me and Jimi, god bless him.) And to celebrate I’m releasing a new cd of acoustic songs. Some of these have been realized in full-band glory with Buzzie, some are demos waiting for the next “band” to come along. (I think the band thing is starting to happen again, and I’m thrilled about that.) So without further ado, I’ll give you the newest Buzzie album: Cooling My Jets You can listen to the songs on the page.

click to listen now

Here’s a bit of the story behind the songs.

Just Another Day
If you’ve been around artists, you’ve probably experienced moodiness. This song was written to my then-wife, about persevering the down days with me. We could make it through anything, as long as we remembered it was “just another day,” nothing special, nothing to worry about.

The Hurt You Keep
As you walk away from any relationship where you have spent a lot of time and energy you want to say something, you want to forgive and release yourself and the other person.

The counterpoint to Disappear. Just happy to be in love, in bed, and with my wife and newborn son.

I Wanna Know You
I seem to write this sentiment a lot these days. I want to find the next lover. I’m looking. I’m singing. And I’m okay alone, but I’d prefer not to be.

You’ve Got That Way
Ah those relationships that are painful from the start. I am lucky to have gotten out of this one with a song.

The saddest song I’ve ever written. During a low point in my life, I couldn’t see the point in getting up every day to slog away at the work of keeping it together. The victory in the song is that the singer has survived the darkness and can now look back and sing about it. Still hurts to hear this one.

The Same Thing
I do have some patterns in my relationships. I often look for a woman to console me at hard times. And when things go off the rails, that’s when I really long for someone. I am learning that I need to heal myself this time, before she shows up. Let us meet on even ground, no rescue needed.

I Was Wrong
I wrote this one on the top the Orchid Suites Hotel in Los Angeles. I was there with my band Blue Cartoon. I was inspired and lonely at the same time. I was missing my first wife even as things were falling apart between us.

We Are One
On the birth of my first child I was moved as if by god… I’m very spiritual, but I’m poly-religious, or semi-religious. This song is about seeing divinity in my child and his mother.

Be well and rock harder.

John McElhenney