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Razor – Foo Fighters cover

I’m part of this wacky group of musician on Facebook. And they do a cover challenge every week. This past week the category was one word song titles beginning with the letter “r.” It was easy for me to find this one.

And having watched all of the Sonic Highways broadcast on HBO, I’m feeling pretty close to Mr. Grohl. So I was motivated to finish the track. Here’s my quickie cover of Razor.

Be Rockin!


For the Summer (cover) Ray LaMontagne

John McElhenney (www.buzzie.com) does a simple rendition of For the Summer by Ray LaMontagne.

“I’m falling in love with the idea of falling in love. The Ray LaMontagne song For the Summer just kicked my ass all day. I had to learn and record it. Sometimes music just touches me that way. You?” 2-17-13