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Buzzie – The Mind Reels (New Album Announced)

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.45.07 PMI’m happy to say our first three tracks for the next Buzzie CD are done. I am going to share them here in story format. And as we move forward with selections for the next album songs, I’ll keep this post updated, for those following along.

Track 1 – Higher Than Anyone
This is a song that describes the highs and lows we creative types tend to go through.

Track 2 – A Good Day
Looking to keep things on a happy or positive keel, sometimes it’s like a prayer to keep going.

Track 3 – Do You Feel?
As the relationship falls apart, the singer is asking, “Do you want love, do you want anything?”

You can find more Buzzie on our SoundCloud profile and on the Buzzie YouTube playlist.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Thanks, Buzzie.