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disappear by buzzie – saddest song I’ve even written

So why not set it to the longing and fantastical beauty of Victoria’s Secret models? Buzzie’s Disappear.

Watch this video directly off Vimeo: Disappear by Buzzie

This take was a single pass with two mics. I have often tried to better the performance, but this captures the fragility of the moment and the feeling of loss and hope at the same time. At least the singer/writer is still alive to sing the song. In the end it is triumphant. Or will be, when the singer is in a different place.

This song is from the forthcoming release, “Admitting There’s a Problem.”


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Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

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Rising Above the Blame by Buzzie (stunning Nasa video)

A friend sent this video along yesterday. It made a perfect background for an instrumental rock song called, “Rising Above the Blame.”

Watch this video directly on YouTube: Rising Above the Blame by Buzzie.

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You tube is telling me that some one named “happy smile people” owns this video. I don’t think that’s right, do you?

Let me know if you like it.

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Note the rock guitar sound is courtesy of this little gem. The tone sort of wrote this entire song. And an American Standard Strat, that I no longer own. (frown)

Gettin the led out with the Hyperfuzz from Boss

A BUZZIE EP for 2011: Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha

This EP is dedicated with thanks to my friends in the WYRE* class that just ended. Man did I need that. This quick-release EP is for you guys and girls who have grown so much these last 11 weeks. And the full CD is coming. Hold me to it. You can get it now from CD BABY. (free listens available too)


The title comes from a conversation I had with a friend, Krista, where she said she and her kids were “shooting beer cans off the buddha.” In a later conversation she let me know they were indeed tallboys from her neighbor. When asked if she drank tallboys, she replied, “No, I don’t.”

The tracks on this EP tell a shortened version of the full-length “Admitting There’s a Problem” CD that still requires a few tweaks before it’s ready for prime time. I wanted to put this out in celebration of this moment in my life, at the close of our group and a terribly painful phase in my life. I pause this evening and breathe as I anticipate the next adventure.

The tracks on this EP are:

  1. Last Flowers (a radiohead cover)
  2. Just Another Day
  3. I Wanna Love You
  4. I Was Wrong
  5. Walk Away
  6. Last Flowers Instrumental (radiohead)

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You can see and hear all the Buzzie releases on the Buzzie’s CD Baby Page.

*WYRE – When Your Relationship Ends group

Buzzie’s 3rd Full-Length Will Be Sans Bass and Drums – Due Mid-July 09

buzzie-admitting there's a problem - july 09
buzzie-admitting there's a problem - july 09

The tracks are set and the polish and re-recording has begun on “Admitting There’s a Problem,” Buzzie’s 3rd full-length CD.

A quick screenshot of the liner notes shed a bit of light on the new title and the content of the songs within.

buzzie-admitting liner notes
buzzie-admitting liner notes

So the track listing as it stands today is:

  1. A Good Day
  2. Let Me Be The Way
  3. If I Go Away
  4. I Was Wrong
  5. Just Another Day
  6. Disappear
  7. We Drift Away
  8. Heavenly
  9. The Hurt You Keep
  10. She Wants to Be Free
  11. I Walk Away
  12. We Are One

And the songs are said to be built around an Elliot Smith and Mark Kozeleck/Sun Kil Moon strategy. Plenty of guitars, harmonies and production but no bass or drums.

Asked about this approach, McElhenney responded. “The song Disappear represents a pivotal moment in my life. There’s a rock record coming, but I felt I had to present the context around that one song. The single vocal and guitar version was recorded in one pass, as a scratch track, and it actually captured the song perfectly. Even the mistake is as it should be.”

“I’ve got a total rocker song heading into the next record, but I’m still trying to figure out what it is about. Currently titled ‘Sleeping Bag’ this track sets the pace for the rock record. But I’ve got to finish that song first. And I can’t wait to get ‘Higher Than Anyone’ done in full band fashion.” (You can hear Sleeping Bag on Buzzie’s ReverbNation page.

“But now I’ve got to focus on the IPO show in July. I haven’t played live in a while. I did finally restring my guitars a few weeks ago, but I can say I have a long way to go before I have the fingers for a full set.”

“I’m just so stoked to be back in the process, back in the studio. And I’m really ready to be back on stage in California!”

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