Radiohead Head Radio – A JAZZ Tribute

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.06.18 AMclick to view in iTunes

To say I was surprised when the iTunes account listed the Radiohead tribute as JAZZ is an understatement. When I then listened to the other tracks, the inclusion of Buzzie is even that much more amazing. Most of these are really jazz variations and interpretations of Radiohead themes more than the songs.

And Buzzie’s “Last Flowers (on the way to the hospital) is the closing track of the 2-cd collection. An honorable position for sure. And when you listen to the other tracks you’ll understand why I wasn’t first. Or even first on the 2nd CD. The Buzzie track is the only song on the record that is really a cover version. The other song would mostly be unidentifiable as Radiohead.

Well, thank you ESC! I am honored.


SEE: HEAD RADIO on iTunes.

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