Preppin for the Summer of 09 “Tour”: Makin Set Lists, Stringin Guitars, Blisters On My Fingers

It’s officially June and Buzzie’s CA gig is on July 26th. Plenty of time to get ready. But something is resisting.

Today I worked the set list for the show. [Still confirming with Robbie Rist about assembling a snap-crackle-pop band for the show.] It will be fun to do a rockin song from the 2nd Blue Cartoon CD, “Only Me, Only You.” I haven’t played that song since I left the band. wOOt! And another song that Blue Cartoon played for a while but never made it on to a CD, “If There’s Time.”

Much work to do.

Plane tickets seemed quite cheap last time I checked. Probably time to make the reservations. The hotel is actually going to be the big cost. I won’t really need to rent a car if I stay at the Orchid Suites. But I might need one, since my show is in Orange County.

I’ve got an old band mate and best friend out there, but not sure if I want to sleep over and then rent a car. They’ve got twin girls, probably in the 3ish range. And from my buddy’s response, they’re a bit overwhelmed. I asked him to sit in on a song or two. And he didn’t have the time. Oh well. Probably better to leave them be and do the Orchid. And get a car for the morning of the Orange County show. Just thinking things through. You can hear some songs from my pre-Blue Cartoon-era with John Bergquist in a band called Felix Culpa.

And then there’s the question of how long to stay. Each night equivalent to another plane ticket. Jeesh!

But the news is: I’M GOING. And today I decided to take the Les Paul rather than the Strat. Less opportunities to mess with the tone on the Strat. I’ve been know to whack the pickup selector in a strumming frenzy and then have a hard time finding the stroke to flip it back. And since I’ll be doin a backline amp, the last thing I need is to be tweaky with my tone. So set the Les Paul and leave it. Three tones. All tone and volume knobs UP, all the way UP. Down = bright, Middle = full, Up = Heavy.

Set it and forget it. In practicing today I was messing around with the Strat and it came to me, “I don’t even want to think about it.” One less thing to worry about.

Now I just need a band and a place to stay. And I’m already “in waitin” for it. Power Pop Mecca.

It’s a brilliant summer already. “Time Stand Still!”


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