lyrics: wandering around: the mind reels

i’ve been wanderin around
hoping to find
someone who’ll take me away
and out of my mind

and i – know – you
and i – found  – you

i’m sick of wanderin around
and feeling alone
that’s what you said to me
not so long ago

and i – know – you
and i – love – you

that say it’s too hard to find
this love that we have
hold back and wait for the time
don’t rush ahead

and i – want  – you
and i – know  – you

if you stay
if you give your self away
if you love
if you realy realy love
this could be
a moment

i’ve been wanderin around
but now i am found
by someone who says they will stay
not just hang around

and i – have – you
and you – have – me  – too


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