lyrics: the mind reels: days ahead

days ahead

if i miss you
if we miss
let’s reset
find a center
where we can rejoin

and if i lose you
then i lose
we lose the best
the best we’ve ever had

i won’t ever drop your hand
the days we have ahead
are not enough
to tell you
how much i love you
not enough days
not enough
days ahead

if i don’t listen
if i misconstrue
please take a moment
to breathe with me

if i take for granted
and you feel you’re lost
under appreciated
hold up a sec
if we fall to silence
and words don’t measure up
please just stop and ask
so it’ll be okay

i won’t get – enough time
in all my days
to hold your loving face
to kiss your loving lips
to love you as much as i want to


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