lyrics: i feel it too: the mind reels

i want you to know
how and and what you’ve given me
when i stare into the night sky
it’s the bright stars we’ll see – together

this love, this life
i want you to know
i feel it too
this time, this place
i want you to feel
the big sky up above – and know
i feel it too

i want you to know
i’ve never been here before
i’m upside down without you
all the places we’ve yet to see – together

now i’ve found my truth
and the truth is in you
so we get to fly away
to all the loves we’ll be – together

i feel it too – this love, i do (this love we do)
we’ve tapped some heart (within us two)
most people search for forever (we’ve found our whole)
and we’re here – together (to have and hold)
and i feel it too


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