lyrics: i don’t mind: the mind reels

I don’t mind – what you said

Yesterday’s – still playing back in my head
If you love – the way you move
I’m pretty sure…

I don’t know – what this means
Feelings now – and the in-betweens
What I want – and what you need
How do we…

Baby I don’t mind
You’re still in my mind
I don’t know
But I know just how you fee-eel
And what I fee-eel

Resting here – beside you now
Things unsaid – and things unknowable
We’ve just arrived – in this new life
Take me in…

There is nothing here to be afraid of
There is no one else as close as you
There is all this wanting we’ve been hiding
There is me now, there is you


This is the initial capture of the idea as it’s being formed. I came up with a chorus and bridge part without even knowing it. Once you have your capture, the songwriting part begins. Words. Recording the full pass of the song so you can teach it to yourself and others. — buzzie

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