lyrics: here she is: the mind reels

here she is
a conductor for your symphony
a passion to your anarchy
a breakdown in your melody
a hurricane of ecstasy

here she is
and your world’s turning upside down
for your fears to go underground
there’s nothing left to hold us down
with a breath of her I’ll never drown

she’s around me now – she’s around
she surrounds me now that she’s around
she’s around me now – she’s in my mind (she’s all I see, she’s in my head)
she surrounds me now – she surrounds

where do we go – when something real
opens the flame – pours on the feel
what do we fear – are we letting go?
how far the love – how will we know?

here she is
while she’s dancing next to me
we lose ourselves in energy
to surrender what we used to be
a broken man I’ll never be

john mcelhenney ©2016 all rights reserved
(ascap) happy mac tunes

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