Listening To My Latest Mix of 15 Tracks, I’m Now Down to 13

When your doing a cover song there’s got to be a good a reason for doing it. There are two schools of thought.

1. Own the song and do it true to the original, but hotter, more passionate, interpreted but just enough. (Not a karaoke version.)

2. Blow the song apart and reassemble to your liking.

My cover of War Pigs is a ripoff of the Cake version of a Black Sabbath song. And by golly it simply does not belong on the same disc with the other songs. And after trying to listen to my current mix with a friend, I could tell the Beatles cover was not fully baked either. So I’m dialing the covers back to exactly one.

The Radiohead cover marks a turning point in my life that I will never recover completely from. And you can hear it in the song. It’s not that I’m still sad about it, in fact the triumph is being able to put this song out. The pain has become song. And I released the anguish. I’m looking forward to learning how to play the piano part so I can do a solo version.

Look for the new Buzzie CD in the next few weeks. Now sporting 13 tracks, including one well-earned cover.


What about putting War Pigs in as a hidden track? It’s so much fun. Karaoke gods say no.

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