Ideas In Motion

Collection Titles

  • Out of the blur (a typo on my iPhone from Out of the Blue, meaning I’m coming out of this fog, i’m returning to my whole self, my happy self, my “boy in flames” self)
  • Buzzie On the Inside
  • Boy in flames (i’m an excitable boy, for sure, with incendiary tendencies)
  • Logic & Longing
  • The Mind Reels

Song ideas

  • Would it be okay if we didn’t fall in love?
  • a. This is it / b. fk it / c. it is what it is (a youtube meme that’s caught my imagination)
  • The rumors of my demise were greatly over exaggerated.
  • Shooting beer cans off the buddha (Already a CD title, perhaps a song too…)
  • Learning how to not love you, Learning how not to love
  • Blameless
  • I’ve already gone
  • Into you like a drug
  • No regrets
  • Tether you
  • You came to mind
  • Well, it’s okay though
  • The Last Good Day
  • What If My AntiDepressant Was You
  • Stealing Home

Covers to perform:

  • Pure and Easy – Pete Townshend
  • She’s Come Undone – The Guess Who
  • No Time – The Guess Who
  • Last Flowers – Radiohead (done!)
  • All I Need – Radiohead
  • Fly Like and Eagle – Steve Miller Band
  • Novocaine for the Soul – Eels

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