Here We Come Hollywood – Burnin and Printin for IPO 2009

It was a wonderful day. The skies finally opened up around 5pm and rain fell and kept on falling on the straw of our yard and steamed up the streets. Central Texas took a welcome drink of rain.

Inside the Mac compound I was hard at work manufacturing Buzzie CD-Rs for the show on Sunday.


Not a lot of practicing today, as I wanted, but there’s time for that in Cali. 😉

And Monday my son called me on the phone to ask, “How many people are your band, Dad?”

He was quite proud when I came home and he showed me his Buzzie Tower Stage!


And with that, I’m pretty much ready to go. Except I haven’t packed a thing and I fly out tomorrow at 7:40. Oh well, there’ll be time to rest at the hotel. Always time to rest at the hotel.


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