Head Radio – Retransmissions – a radiohead tribute featuring Buzzie

The contracts are signed, the cover art is done, the tracks are in digital transit via the interwebz. And here’s your preview of the Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records in Germany.

A Radiohead Tribute - Head Radio - Retransmissions

(And if you are reading this and would like to hear a preview,
here’s the final mix via MP3: Last Flowers (radiohead cover)

Buzzie (4:00)
Last Flowers (on the way to the hospital)
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/cld4WMt4QTk (pre-mastered vocal)

Buzzie was formed in 2000, after lead singer and songwriter John McElhenney left his popular pop band Blue Cartoon after two acclaimed indie pop CDs. Buzzie has performed at the International Pop Overthrow in Los Angeles and been featured on numerous compilations. In 2011 Buzzie released an EP of songs entitled Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha in anticipation of a full-length disc expected in the summer of 2012. This track, “Last Flowers” is from the Extra Tracks version of “In Rainbows” and was written during “The Bends” period. This recording features 20/20 legend Ron Flynt holding down all the instrumental duties. The instrumental version is available on the CD containing this song, “Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha.”

RON FLYNT / all instruments

Recorded by Ron Flynt at Jumping Dog Studios in Austin, Texas; vocals recorded at Little Frog Studios, Austin, Texas.

Produced and mixed by John McElhenney

Published by Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP) with additional rights from radiohead
available via: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Buzzie


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Original announcement: Buzzie to be Included on 2012 Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records, Germany

Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

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