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lyrics: i feel it too: the mind reels

i want you to know
how and and what you’ve given me
when i stare into the night sky
it’s the bright stars we’ll see – together

this love, this life
i want you to know
i feel it too
this time, this place
i want you to feel
the big sky up above – and know
i feel it too

i want you to know
i’ve never been here before
i’m upside down without you
all the places we’ve yet to see – together

now i’ve found my truth
and the truth is in you
so we get to fly away
to all the loves we’ll be – together

i feel it too – this love, i do (this love we do)
we’ve tapped some heart (within us two)
most people search for forever (we’ve found our whole)
and we’re here – together (to have and hold)
and i feel it too


Write a Song With Buzzie

buzzie-writewmeI don’t have any expectations that this experiment with get a huge response. BUT… If you don’t put these things out to the universe, you never know. Here goes:

I wrote a song progression yesterday. I’d like you to help me finish it. I have no expectations about what you send me, lyrics, recordings, your own videos. Whatever you have in mind, let’s collaborate. If we do end up joining forces on a song you will get songwriting credits and (heh heh) royalties when the track goes viral on Apple Music.

Let’s do this.

Feel free to send me your content here john.mcelhenney at gmail dot com, or post things in the comments here.


@jmacofearth on Twitter