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lyrics: i don’t mind: the mind reels

I don’t mind – what you said

Yesterday’s – still playing back in my head
If you love – the way you move
I’m pretty sure…

I don’t know – what this means
Feelings now – and the in-betweens
What I want – and what you need
How do we…

Baby I don’t mind
You’re still in my mind
I don’t know
But I know just how you fee-eel
And what I fee-eel

Resting here – beside you now
Things unsaid – and things unknowable
We’ve just arrived – in this new life
Take me in…

There is nothing here to be afraid of
There is no one else as close as you
There is all this wanting we’ve been hiding
There is me now, there is you


This is the initial capture of the idea as it’s being formed. I came up with a chorus and bridge part without even knowing it. Once you have your capture, the songwriting part begins. Words. Recording the full pass of the song so you can teach it to yourself and others. — buzzie

Write a Song With Buzzie

buzzie-writewmeI don’t have any expectations that this experiment with get a huge response. BUT… If you don’t put these things out to the universe, you never know. Here goes:

I wrote a song progression yesterday. I’d like you to help me finish it. I have no expectations about what you send me, lyrics, recordings, your own videos. Whatever you have in mind, let’s collaborate. If we do end up joining forces on a song you will get songwriting credits and (heh heh) royalties when the track goes viral on Apple Music.

Let’s do this.

Feel free to send me your content here john.mcelhenney at gmail dot com, or post things in the comments here.


@jmacofearth on Twitter

On the Radio – A Radiohead Multi-Pak


The Head Radio Tribute CD has been a nice awakening of just how powerful the In Rainbows disc was to me during my recent divorce. The cover of Last Flowers was a less than hopeful play to get my leaving lover to reconsider her decision. I’m sure she heard it, once. She never commented on it.

As part of my Songwriter’s Notebook, Here are the tracks in progress.

1. Nude (vocal over existing RH tracks, will be re-recorded)

2. All I Need (draft w/ Ron Flynt)

3. Last Flowers (completed w/Ron Flynt)

4. Reckoner

5. Down Is the New Up

6. 4 Minute Warning



For the Summer (cover) Ray LaMontagne

John McElhenney ( does a simple rendition of For the Summer by Ray LaMontagne.

“I’m falling in love with the idea of falling in love. The Ray LaMontagne song For the Summer just kicked my ass all day. I had to learn and record it. Sometimes music just touches me that way. You?” 2-17-13



studio becomes space as buzzie enters the studio in 2010

No Time by the Guess Who: Trying To Catch That Movin-On-Song Vibe

no time by the guess who - for AC - buzzie 2010

I used to sing this NO TIME by the Guess Who at the top of my lungs back in middle school days. I’m not sure who I was leavin or where I was going. I most distinctly recall, a pool party, at the end of a six week summer camp excursion in New Mexico, and this entire album was playing. It was a boys and girls at the pool mixer. And this song always reminds me of that feeling. I guess I was saying goodbye to all the cuties, in my mind. Or being the rockstar, in my mind. Either way, this song IS SUMMER and LONGING for me.

Picking up the guitar, clipping the fingernails, and figuring out how to record again. All to give this song as a gift to a friend who’s birthday is TODAY. While he won’t want you to say hello directly, if you are a blipper, you can find him under the alias @adamofdallas.

The next video you see, or mp3 file depending on the day’s work, will be for you and your son. Have a great day today AC!


A few more shots of the studio space in the waining moments of a Sunday afternoon.

2010 Buzzie returns to the studio

buzzie 2010 - a recording moment on a Sunday afternoon

And with props to my friends on @adamofdallas and @ladypn for continuing to push me back into creation mode. Thank you!

And an inspirational song I heard last week during #sxsw. I could not recall the name of the band or the song. But today I found it, thanks to a blip from someone else. Not the correct song, but the name of the band. The THERMALS. Here’s the song Let It Go.