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Head Radio – Retransmissions – a radiohead tribute featuring Buzzie

The contracts are signed, the cover art is done, the tracks are in digital transit via the interwebz. And here’s your preview of the Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records in Germany.

A Radiohead Tribute - Head Radio - Retransmissions

(And if you are reading this and would like to hear a preview,
here’s the final mix via MP3: Last Flowers (radiohead cover)

Buzzie (4:00)
Last Flowers (on the way to the hospital)
VIDEO: (pre-mastered vocal)

Buzzie was formed in 2000, after lead singer and songwriter John McElhenney left his popular pop band Blue Cartoon after two acclaimed indie pop CDs. Buzzie has performed at the International Pop Overthrow in Los Angeles and been featured on numerous compilations. In 2011 Buzzie released an EP of songs entitled Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha in anticipation of a full-length disc expected in the summer of 2012. This track, “Last Flowers” is from the Extra Tracks version of “In Rainbows” and was written during “The Bends” period. This recording features 20/20 legend Ron Flynt holding down all the instrumental duties. The instrumental version is available on the CD containing this song, “Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha.”

RON FLYNT / all instruments

Recorded by Ron Flynt at Jumping Dog Studios in Austin, Texas; vocals recorded at Little Frog Studios, Austin, Texas.

Produced and mixed by John McElhenney

Published by Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP) with additional rights from radiohead
available via:


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Original announcement: Buzzie to be Included on 2012 Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records, Germany

Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

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I Wanna Love You by Buzzie (tribute video to rock goddesses everywhere)

Watch this video directly on YouTube: I Wanna Love You (official music video)

I Wanna Love You is another single from Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha from Buzzie. This video includes a video montage of modern-day rock goddesses. We can aspire to great things while continuing to rock along. All buzzie songs are ©2012 Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP)


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Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

Other buzzie links of interest:

Buzzie to be Included on 2012 Radiohead Tribute from ESC Records, Germany

UPDATE 2-6-12: I got the contract for the Radiohead Tribute CD today. Buzzie is IN. wOOt!

While the ink is not on the paper yet, intentions have been set to include Buzzie’s Last Flowers on an upcoming Radiohead tribute record from ESC Records in Frankfurt, Germany.

I don’t know if it will be available in the US yet, but I’m sure I can get some copies. I’m excited to see who else will be on the CD.

Pretty good terms. Inside Voice: I wonder if they will pay Radiohead’s publisher for copyrights. I’m sure they will. I wonder if I need to pay here in the US? (nod) Yes, I do.


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The Hurt You Keep – buzzie 2012 – official music video – japan pics from Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen author) has an amazing stream of pictures. These are from his Japan series. Thanks to him for permission to use them.

This video is supposed to have a “Lost In Translation” feel.

After we leave, or part, we usually travel. Travel alone is a mix of joy, liberation, spiritual journey, and sadness.

*watch this video directly on YouTube: The Hurt You Keep


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Here is the Buzzie Video Playlist on YouTube if you want more.

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Beer, Buddha, & Buzzie

A few more hours and the first month of 2012 is over. Have you gotten some stuff done?

shooting beer cans off the buddha - buzzie - 2011

The 2011 Buzzie quick-release “Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha” is available for purchase as a physical cd from CD Baby and as a free download. I hope you have a chance to pause, listen, and drink deeply.


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Here are the latest YouTube Buzzie Videos (Playlist) from the next release:

Rising Above the Blame by Buzzie – 2012

Last Flowers (radiohead) by Buzzie – 2012

Heavenly by Buzzie – 2012

Rising Above the Blame by Buzzie (stunning Nasa video)

A friend sent this video along yesterday. It made a perfect background for an instrumental rock song called, “Rising Above the Blame.”

Watch this video directly on YouTube: Rising Above the Blame by Buzzie.

© 2012 Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP)

You tube is telling me that some one named “happy smile people” owns this video. I don’t think that’s right, do you?

Let me know if you like it.

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Note the rock guitar sound is courtesy of this little gem. The tone sort of wrote this entire song. And an American Standard Strat, that I no longer own. (frown)

Gettin the led out with the Hyperfuzz from Boss

New Radiohead Video: Last Flowers (cover) by Buzzie

So putting music on YouTube is like, part of the global plan for everyone. Fans make videos to their favorite songs, people post complete tracks with the album cover as the entire show. So, how do we get our music up to YouTube without being really boring?

This song Last Flowers (on the way to the hospital) was an unfinished Radiohead song from The Bends era. It showed up on the In Rainbows (bonus tracks). It kicked my ass and I called Ron and asked if he would help me. The entire thing was done in a matter of hours in Ron’s studio. I retracked the vocals in the living room of my house, in the closing days of my marriage. Not to be dramatic, but this song sort of captures the whole thing for me.

Watch directly on YouTube: Last Flowers (radiohead) by Buzzie  © 2012 Happy Mac Tunes (ASCAP)

My dear friend and music producer Ron Flynt held down all the instrument duties and let me focus on the non-autotuned vocal. It’s in the push and effort that the soul of the music is discovered. This is raw and unpolished for a reason.

And if that weren’t cool enough, I got this email last week from ESC, a German label that is putting a Radiohead Compilation together:


Germany's ESC asks for the Buzzie version of Last Flowers for May Release
click to see larger version

Rock on!


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