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lyrics: the mind reels: days ahead

days ahead

if i miss you
if we miss
let’s reset
find a center
where we can rejoin

and if i lose you
then i lose
we lose the best
the best we’ve ever had

i won’t ever drop your hand
the days we have ahead
are not enough
to tell you
how much i love you
not enough days
not enough
days ahead

if i don’t listen
if i misconstrue
please take a moment
to breathe with me

if i take for granted
and you feel you’re lost
under appreciated
hold up a sec
if we fall to silence
and words don’t measure up
please just stop and ask
so it’ll be okay

i won’t get – enough time
in all my days
to hold your loving face
to kiss your loving lips
to love you as much as i want to


lyrics: if i’m down: the mind reels

if i’m down (for a friend)

i don’t know where to go
i don’t know who to turn to
all those that i love
are to close to see

if i call on you
would you know what to say
and if i lost everything
would i be willing to to stay

if i’m down
oh once again
if i let you know
will you stay
here my friend

i need comfort and joy
but i can’t seem to find
any light in the day
any day light in mind

if we called it a day
sat together for a while
without something to say
just let it ride

if i know you
if i don’t know
if i lose you
then i won’t know
anything – anything
at all


Secret “first pass” at this song (songwriting in progress)

lyrics: i don’t mind: the mind reels

I don’t mind – what you said

Yesterday’s – still playing back in my head
If you love – the way you move
I’m pretty sure…

I don’t know – what this means
Feelings now – and the in-betweens
What I want – and what you need
How do we…

Baby I don’t mind
You’re still in my mind
I don’t know
But I know just how you fee-eel
And what I fee-eel

Resting here – beside you now
Things unsaid – and things unknowable
We’ve just arrived – in this new life
Take me in…

There is nothing here to be afraid of
There is no one else as close as you
There is all this wanting we’ve been hiding
There is me now, there is you


This is the initial capture of the idea as it’s being formed. I came up with a chorus and bridge part without even knowing it. Once you have your capture, the songwriting part begins. Words. Recording the full pass of the song so you can teach it to yourself and others. — buzzie

lyrics: wandering around: the mind reels

i’ve been wanderin around
hoping to find
someone who’ll take me away
and out of my mind

and i – know – you
and i – found  – you

i’m sick of wanderin around
and feeling alone
that’s what you said to me
not so long ago

and i – know – you
and i – love – you

that say it’s too hard to find
this love that we have
hold back and wait for the time
don’t rush ahead

and i – want  – you
and i – know  – you

if you stay
if you give your self away
if you love
if you realy realy love
this could be
a moment

i’ve been wanderin around
but now i am found
by someone who says they will stay
not just hang around

and i – have – you
and you – have – me  – too


lyrics: if we should fall: the mind reels

i found her
she found me
what we found
astounding we

and if I should fall…
what will become tomorrow
and if we fall…
break away from the sorrow

nothings free
this we know
letting go
has its costs

i hold on
to what I think
makes me happy
keeps me high

and if I should fall…
what will be come of me
and if we fall…
Nothing breaks in me

how can we
learn to fly
holding on
to what we’ve lost

i let go
she let’s go
we become
something everyday

if you’re falling
you must be learning
if you’re hiding
you will be alone
if you’re loving
keep on trying
let yourself dream
and the magic begins


lyrics: we take chances: the mind reels

we take chances – we walk alone
looking for love
we can look forever – without finding
something real

we think we know what we need
we think we’ll figure it out

but i’m here baby, by no chance
baby i’m here by design
designs i’ve been dreaming up
all of my life – all my life

we think we know what we need
we think we’ll figure it out
someone taking chances
someone loving you
someone longing for one thing
and you might be it

we take chances, we bet everything
even when we lose
we might want forever
what we no longer
believe is there

we lose our chances
and are afraid to try
as we close down
but you’ve found the key
to the equation of me
and we’re on our way

big love – more than i’ve known
big life – standing besides you
big love – is all we asked for (all we wanted)
big life – to never go away


lyrics: i feel it too: the mind reels

i want you to know
how and and what you’ve given me
when i stare into the night sky
it’s the bright stars we’ll see – together

this love, this life
i want you to know
i feel it too
this time, this place
i want you to feel
the big sky up above – and know
i feel it too

i want you to know
i’ve never been here before
i’m upside down without you
all the places we’ve yet to see – together

now i’ve found my truth
and the truth is in you
so we get to fly away
to all the loves we’ll be – together

i feel it too – this love, i do (this love we do)
we’ve tapped some heart (within us two)
most people search for forever (we’ve found our whole)
and we’re here – together (to have and hold)
and i feel it too


lyrics: here she is: the mind reels

here she is
a conductor for your symphony
a passion to your anarchy
a breakdown in your melody
a hurricane of ecstasy

here she is
and your world’s turning upside down
for your fears to go underground
there’s nothing left to hold us down
with a breath of her I’ll never drown

she’s around me now – she’s around
she surrounds me now that she’s around
she’s around me now – she’s in my mind (she’s all I see, she’s in my head)
she surrounds me now – she surrounds

where do we go – when something real
opens the flame – pours on the feel
what do we fear – are we letting go?
how far the love – how will we know?

here she is
while she’s dancing next to me
we lose ourselves in energy
to surrender what we used to be
a broken man I’ll never be

john mcelhenney ©2016 all rights reserved
(ascap) happy mac tunes

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lyrics: higher than anyone


get up, get away
gotta keep it down
before I start lying
get out, find a way
if I write it down
then I’ll start trying

I’m higher than anyone
Swinging from the sun
Higher than anyone

shut up, move away
I’m gonna let you down
with all my lying
get out, get away
gotta go right now
because I’m flying


bridge: until I’ve fallen – can’t you see I’ve fallen

get up, another day
you can’t hold me down
today I’m flyin
this time, find a way
they won’t run me down
though they keep trying

chorus outtro

john mcelhenney ©2016 all rights reserved
(ascap) happy mac tunes

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i need a good day : lyrics : the mind reels

I need a good day
This is going to be a good day
This is going to be a very good day
It’s gotta be

Waking up from the feelings of the aftermath
Hold me down while the room goes spinning round
I’m still hoping for an altered path
When I could see that you were not around


Jumping up, make my way onto the underground
Fifteen stops till my day begins again
Sitting, staring into the passing cars
I could feel that you were not around

Call you up it’s a day just like the day before
Hear your ghost in the voice that’s telling me
Leave your name and I hope you have a better day
I don’t believe that you are not around.