Buzzie Loves WILCO

Holy crap! I’ve been a little slow on the uptake for Wilco’s new CD.

Here’s a cut from their David Letterman appearance where they show the power that they wield. Notice Wilco go from a band with almost no guitar sounds, even the guitarist is messing with Radiohead-ish effects. We have two full-time keyboardists, Tweedy with no guitar… and by the end of the song we have three guitarists and a bass player rocking hard.

All I could say after this one was WOW!

Watch directly on YouTube: Wilco’s The Art of Almost

And also from the Letterman show, this rocker that has a real Joe Jackson/Elvis Costello feel. I Might.

watch directly on YouTube: Wilco’s I Might

Brilliant. Some of the best music today. Tweedy and company truly cutting their own path, and doing it well.

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