Back in the Saddle with a Radiohead Cover: Buzzie 2010

It’s been a hard Spring. So many things are changing I can’t begin to share it all. I’ll commit to putting it in song sooner rather than later, as MUSIC is building more momentum for me. (See PING.FM link above.) Much gratitude to Ron Flynt the producer on “Feeling.” He was amazing at making this song my own. All instruments are Ron. So much love there, I can hardly stand it.

2010 Buzzie returns to the studio

This afternoon I reassembled my mobile recording studio in my apartment. And low and behold the vocal track I had cut recently for Last Flowers sounded a lot better here than in the headphones in my house. So… Here it is, as soon as I can get dropbox to cooperate with the upload. (Download LAST FLOWERS)

This is a Radiohead cover of a song that is found on the extended version of In Rainbows. It was a B-Side that was written for The Bends but they never finished it. Let me know what you think.

I’m off to a date with the Guess Who next.


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